The hamster to remember. Meet the Boo

“Go for the eyes Boo, GO FOR THE EYES!! RrraaaAAGHGHH!!!” …..ermmm, right.

Who could possibly go for the eyes? Sound like a flirting advise between guys in Jersey Shore. Wooo, again, we could not be more wrong. The recipient of the charge tip is a small, cut little hamster, called Boo. On another hand, the author of the words is not so small and not so cute warrior, called Minsc. That, clearly, unusual duo has been introduced in Baldur`s Gate series, showing us that in a AD&D world, between magic, dragons, honor and swards, can be also a place for not so clever warriors….and their hamsters. Thought, saying all that…I can not imagine this game now without Boo.25323974_1564573560288365_951751209_n

ps Did you also kept clicking on Boo in inventory just to make him to do that sound…pi pi pi pi pi. Stupid question, of course you did!

Photo of the week

I was watching this morning my sisters 10 years old son playing GTA5… he actually got it from me btw (aunt of the year!), and I made him to pose like that to take this photo! Say a lot… don’t you think?img_5725-2

The life of a Peon

“Me not that kind of orc”….well, you kinda are! Ever imagine what is like to be a Peon? What is life like? Long hours, egocentric boss (Thrall), no breaks and life in constant fear of an unexpected enemy attack. Seems like migration is not an option too since everyone in Warcraft series seems to be at war with anyone… races, classes, fathers and sons. Really surprised there was no rebellion amongst poor souls of Peons. “Work, work, work”, oh I see…ok then. A little delight has been brought by Blizzard in The Wrath of the Lich King, a third, and probably most exciting, along with TBC, expansion of World of Warcraft where you could join Naxxramas raid and kill Kel`Thuza. Whats a revenge for acolytes. Well, did you ride Nax? I did! But how about one for Peons? Where can we kill Thrall? NOWHERE! That son of a puta landed even a better job as a ruler of the Orgrimmar. Much of a justice….



The factions of Sigil

Brexit, Donald Trump…, for sure, is getting tougher and tougher. Its not about migrating to another country anymore, it’s the matter of a new realm now. So I would pick Sigil. Then, I would have to get attached to one of the factions to fit in, wouldn’t I. Which faction would you pick? I would join The Believers of the Source.

Just to remind you your choice.

Joinable factions

what do you think?

Ever wonder how Lara from 90 sleeps? No? Good for you. Well, I did, and the answer is as surprising as not important whatsoever. So she cant, obviously, sleeps on her chest. I always imagine she got her pistols all the time, so cant be left or right. Then not a back too, as of her permanently attached, at least seems like, backpack with a grenade launcher. So..I dont know. Luckily, new millennial version can rest in peace well. 

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