The life of a Peon

“Me not that kind of orc”….well, you kinda are! Ever imagine what is like to be a Peon? What is life like? Long hours, egocentric boss (Thrall), no breaks and life in constant fear of an unexpected enemy attack. Seems like migration is not an option too since everyone in Warcraft series seems to be at war with anyone… races, classes, fathers and sons. Really surprised there was no rebellion amongst poor souls of Peons. “Work, work, work”, oh I see…ok then. A little delight has been brought by Blizzard in The Wrath of the Lich King, a third, and probably most exciting, along with TBC, expansion of World of Warcraft where you could join Naxxramas raid and kill Kel`Thuza. Whats a revenge for acolytes. Well, did you ride Nax? I did! But how about one for Peons? Where can we kill Thrall? NOWHERE! That son of a puta landed even a better job as a ruler of the Orgrimmar. Much of a justice….




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