The best game ever made, in my opinion, is Planescape: Torment. I finished this game when it came out first, many times later, and just few months ago again. Every time felt like a first time for me. I am a huge fan of AD&D in general anyway, but never turned my back at good old FTP, FPP and RTS. Playing first online (we  called it a multiplayer back in a days:D) in Quake 3 arena and Counter Strike. But by creating my first battlenet account for Warcraft 3, I then really discovered how much I love a team pvp. Thought, got stuck in WoW for 8 years, I never forgot good old games, I got to enjoy. I probably played big fat most of them (at least checking a demo version from computer magazines) between 1996-2003. Apart from games, I travel a lot and I take photos. Youre more than welcome to discover that on my other page here.



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