Lee Hong assassination

Definitely my favourite mission in codename 47. Best done in two ways: as a silent assassin and as a crazy murderer. Both satisfying and heading toward mission goals. Whats your favourite mission, and what is your killing style?

  • Best quote of the game: 

“You son of a Puta”

-Pablo on cocaine

  • My favorite weapon: knife 



A lil bit to start

The best game ever made is Planescape: Torment. I finished this game when it came out first, many times later, and just few months ago again. Every time felt like a first time for me.  Apart from games I travel a lot and take photos. You`re more than welcome to discover that on my other page here.

Importan news from my life

What do I currently play? Witcher 1, Act 3. Though, I miss Jennefer and Jaskier from all my heart, the game is amazing and very engaging. Especially for someone who read, and is a huge fan, of all eight Witcher books from our genius author Andrzej Sapkowski.

94 years old Jennefer is one of my all time favorite female characters!

Personality of the month

Though, maybe not so from 90s, charming gentleman from Los Santos could not possibly escape our attention. All time all mothers and grandmothers favorite, Trevor Philips is as delightful as a dinner with a Hannibal. Well deserved title, as a mansion his living in. Intelligent, funny and handsome philanthropist (for his own profit only) won my heart and soul. 

ps Regarding GTA series, starting from GTA 2, as also my favorite, I enjoyed most vice city. Whats is your favorite?

Favorite GTA song: Flash FM radio in Vice City

Most psychedelic music: from Epsilon webpage, GTA 5

ps2 I actually really like Steven Ogg, and I am glad he got some cool roles recently.

ps3…..my ps3….playstation 3 is resting in peace in the rubbish bin

ps4….never had one :/

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